Company Route Sales
Don’t pay something for nothing. We only get paid if
we sell your route.

Company Route Sales

Here is a list of just some of those companies who have used Mr. Route in the past:

and many more...

The Mr. Route SunStates Seller’s Advantage

  • A simple, stress-free process.

    We eliminate the stress of selling a route with speedy, reliable results. We only get paid if we sell your route.
  • Reach a wider market of prospective buyers.

    Our network of advisers, other brokers, law firms, and more in addition to advertising in top-rated media allows you to reach a broad target buyer market.
  • Don’t pay to advertise.

    We’ll do the advertising, screen prospective buyers, and SAVE YOU TIME!
  • Don’t spend a dime.

    We’re not in the business of charging you something for nothing (like some of our competitors). We only get paid if we sell your route.

Selling a Route 101

Whether this is your first experience with utilizing independent contractors/owner operators or not, Mr. Route’s brokers have the ability your company can count on to get you the right distributors. Our friendly brokers, sales associates, and support team are glad to discuss your route and our approach to getting it sold!”

Ready to sell a route?