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Phone Accessories and Sunglasses Route – Tampa Bay / Central Florida – INCREASED REVENUE!

  • Price: $259,000
  • Down Payment: $259,000
  • Weekly Net: $2,300
  • Location: Florida - Southwest
Route Description:



Independent Phone Accessories and Sunglasses Route

Tampa Bay / Central Florida

Consider owning and operating a successful, existing and Independent Phone Accessories and Sunglasses Route. Your route to personal independence begins here.


Increased Revenue! Still $259,000!

Net NOW $120,000!

WAS $96,000


Route sells fashion sunglasses, high quality cell phone accessories and 10-ft chargers as well as other items.

You can run this business out of your home and your car.

Route runs 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.

This business has more than 47 accounts with over 100 displays.

Unlimited potential for growth.

This sale includes:
• Route account list
• Custom built display racks
• 30 days full training

This business has increased 40% in the past year.

This business services brand name gas stations, convenience stores, truck stops and more.

Most invoices are paid C.O.D.

This business has a great reputation and also has many loyal, long standing customers.

The Owner is highly professional and will fully train the Buyer in every aspect of this business.

Call Mr. Route SunStates at (888) 620-9806 for complete details.

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Independent Phone Accessories / Sunglasses Route

An Independent Route is a stand alone business. It is not a part of a larger corporate entity. In most cases, these businesses were created from the ground up by the entrepreneur offering the Route For Sale.

Unlike corporate licensed routes, you run the show, making every decisions you believe is best for your business. Corporate routes can be very particular about how you can operate your business. After all, you are a licensed representative of their business. They may also require such things such as approved corporate branding, uniforms or other rules or regulations that must be strictly followed.

Start Your Independent Journey

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